I have no fangs.

Ask me anything   My name is Ana Catarina. I'm a 17 years old girl, and I'm from Portugal. I support F.C.Porto and I love Twilight, Vampire diaries and Hunger Games! I'm obviously Team Edward. My favourite actress is Natalie Portman and Kristen Stewart and I love sport. I'm a Aries and if you wanna know more about me, just ask me! :)


have you ever heard theo james sing?

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Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin in 1.05 ”Twilight’s Last Gleaming” (The 100)

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If that boy’s still walking, it’s because you let him go.

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"Borboleta parece flor
que o vento
tirou pra dançar"
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You wouldn’t be attracted to a project if you had to fake it. I don’t feel like I’m stepping outside of myself when I’m playing parts, and even if it’s really different from the apparent version of who I am, I’m always somewhere deep in there.

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